Our roadmap is a sneak peek into the magic we're creating. Let's dive into the milestones that will shape Mirage into something truly extraordinary.

Jan'24 to April'24:

Getting the Ball Rolling

We've kicked off Mirage, setting up the basics like content creation, sharing, and chatting features.

Ta-da! Our first version is live! You can now play around with content tools, enjoy in Regional languages, and start exploring our website, get in touch to be future-ready!

May'24 to August'24:

Building Momentum

In the near future, we'll be enhancing features based on your feedback to ensure a smoother experience for all our users.

Oh, and guess what? We're also planning to spread the word and bring in more pals! We're teaming up with some cool regional music labels and hooking up with partners in the Indian entertainment scene. So get ready to invite your crew to join the fun on Mirage!

Sep'24 to Dec'24

Expanding Horizons

MIR Tokens are here! We've got our token system up and running, so you can start earning and spending MIR tokens.

The token world expands! Creators can get creative with sponsored posts, premium content, and unique token deals. Mirage is becoming a hotspot for brands and creators, with every detail adding to the masterpiece.

Jan'25 to Feb'25

You're in Charge

We're putting you in the driver's seat! Share your feedback as we tweak Mirage to suit your preferences.

After months of hard work and dedication, we're beyond excited to share this milestone with you. Our MVP is the first step in our journey to revolutionize the way you connect and engage online. So, what are you waiting for? Come join us on this incredible journey and let's make magic happen together!

Join us for events and challenges to keep the Mirage community buzzing with excitement.

March'25 to May'25

Next-Level Cool Stuff: From Closed Doors to the World: Test, Refine, Launch

Hold onto your hats! We're diving into the world of VR and AR to spice up Mirage.

We're counting on your ongoing support to fuel our journey of exploration, keeping the thrill of discovery alive and kicking!